BEST Kept Secret Activation
​​​​​​​Nrf2 And NRF1 Explained - Video Series and Activated Essentials Info 



Hi, My name is Roza and I've spent years working in BigPharma in Quality Control Labs….
6 years ago, I decided to quit my established career. You did listen to Sara Troy Show so you know why :) 

So, I transitioned from the knowledge of pharmaceuticals to plant based medicine. During my journey of helping my beloved kid, myself and others to feel better, I met, supported and partnered with many beautiful souls; Naturopaths, Medical Doctors and Alternative Therapists. This is my gift to you. 

So let me give you access to Video Series and Science behind Activators. And far more about Activated Essentials. Enjoy!
Please meat my dear friend Dr. Gail Pearson.

Roza Korna Ph.D

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